Sunday, February 08, 2004

See George Squirm

On Meet the Press this morning, we got to see President Bush really squirm... as well he should. The truth is about to be revealed like Janet Jackson's... well you get the picture. There were no WMD's, there was no imminent threat, Iraq was not the source of 9/11 terrorists. UN sanctions and weapon inspections were working. Saddam did not even have the fire power to launch a single ground to air missile against our planes, let alone launch chemical or nuclear weapons against its neighbors or the US forces. Bush was determined to go to war, for his own reasons (US expansion, oil, revenge?), and would say and do anything to get his way, including invent evidence of WMD's. The tragic cost is hundreds of US deaths, thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians deaths, destruction of cities, property, etc. Is the world safer because of our actions in Iraq? I see US interests under attack, more suicide bombings, terror alerts increasing, commercial flights grounded, and the World's distrust of America's intentions.

Democratic Party Nomination Process
Why is the press and the Dems trying to treat this process as if it were all over? Only a small handful of states have had their caucuses and primaries! Don't we all get to have our votes count? I am standing firm in the Howard Dean camp. The Dems best chance for real change is to have a political outsider, a maverick, run and beat George Bush. Kerry voted for this War. Kerry voted for the Patriot Act and he voted for Bush programs like No Child Left Behind. Dean stood against all these policies when others were politically afraid to do so. We need and Anti-Politician nominee. One who does not have a history of being beholden to special interests. One that can garner the support and raise money from the grass roots. Come'on... Lets keep the debate alive. For once, I see a great field of candidates. This thing can't be over till the fat lady sings at the Democratic Convention!!

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