Thursday, March 25, 2004

Fantasy Baseball has begun

Last night was Draft Night for the Fantasy Baseball league that I run. I look forward to this night all year long. Big fun last night at Rookies Sports Bar. A dozen baseball geeks, friends and co-workers, chuggin' beer, picking major league ballplayers for 3 hours straight. It is intense to say the least. Yeah, I made some bonehead picks, but I ended up with Bonds, Chipper, Griffey, I-Rod, Mussina. Not a bad draft.

Fantasy Baseball is what the Internet must have been invented for. It's is the killer-app on the World Wide Web, IMHO. Got home from Rookies, and worked till midnight inputting all 250 or so names into the 12 teams on Yahoo's Fantasy Baseball site. Now the fun begins.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Woa! this is one wild, crazy and great movie by the writer of Adaptation, Charile Kaufmann. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind explores a love relationship through the visualization of interconnected memories, as Joel (Jim Carrey) is undertaking a procedure to erase the memories of Clemintine (Kate Winslett). If you saw the trailer for this movie, you really don't have any idea of what this flick is really about. You gotta see this film. Read more about this film on my movie review page.

Our Anniversary...
Married for 29 years. She is my wife, best friend, confidant, lover, partner in just about everything we do. Some say marriage has its ups and downs... can honestly say that this ride has been just about all up-sides; no big downside comes to mind.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Best couple of weeks in Sports

Gotta admit - March Madness, is the best time in Sports. The Superbowl rarely lives up to the hype. Does anyone really care about hockey's Stanley Cup, or NBA Championship? Baseball's World Series is near and dear to my heart, but baseball ain't what it used to be. Something about college hoops and the NCAA Tournament. Face it, 99% of these kids will never see that NBA big money contract. They are in it for the glory of their school, the thrill of victory. They are playing with all their heart. One loss, and pack your bags. Everybody has that office pool going, so we all have something on the line to root for, and somewhere along the road to the final four, some underdog upsets a top rank team.

Of course being from Connecticut, we have our UCONN Huskies, 2nd seeds for both Men and Women, not to mention our man Mawty workin' out with the team. This years NCAA's are da bomb. GO HUSKIES!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Kerry-McCain Ticket?

I have read several comments about this on various news blogs, but today I heard on the radio that Senator McCain acknowledged on a TV news interview, that he would actually consider running as VP on the Kerry ticket! Now that would renew my faith in the Dems if such a thing could happen. It's unlikely, but just think about it. It's a dream ticket. McCain would definitely draw in the Independents, disenchanted Dems and Repubs and veterans. We know McCain HATES Bush and he is a free thinking reformer. Now this gets me excited about the Presidential race again. A Democrat-Republican ticket; Do the Democrats have the balls to break from tradition and let such a radical thing happen! I doubt it...even if though it just about guarantees a win in November.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Scamper, no more

A painful and sad evening, last night. Sat down to dinner, when the doorbell rang. Our neighbor came to tell us she saw our cat get hit by a car. Searched around, and finally saw Scamper go under our deck in the backyard. It was dark, and at first couldn't see what his condition was. Through our basement window, we saw him curled up against the outside wall under the deck. He was barely moving, just lying there. After a while he looked completely motionless, I saw one last gasp for breath, than all life had left him. In the dark, I pulled the lattice work off the base of the deck, and slithered underneath to retrieve the lifeless body of our cat that had been with our family for 13 years. We put him in a box and brought him to the vet for cremation. Scamper was a great cat. He loved to snuggle up to you and stretch out on your lap, just begging to be petted and stroked.