Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ralph Nader to run for president

Now this makes things interesting. This is supposed to be a Democracy, not a country run by the duopoly that is the American political system. Not a country run by two parties, both funded, and in the pockets of the same corporate interests. Nader's voice in the debate can only be good for the country. Let's bring into the debate a voice for REAL election reform. Let's bring into the debate the issue of a bloated pentagon budget. Let's bring into the debate the issue of Corporate welfare. I am not saying I will vote Nader at this point in time... but let us begin to put a third party, a political outsider, an anti-politician into the equation. It can only be healthy for our political system.

I say to the Democrats... stop whining about Nader being a spoiler. The Dems have been wimps for too long. Put up a candidate that can attract the disenchanted, that can have the same kind of passion and conviction that we have seen with Dean and Nader. Don't nominate another tired old mainstream Politician, propped up by corporate contributitors. Don't nominate a candidate that has a voting record contrary to the issues that he is now campaigning on.

Democrats should welcome Nader into the debate. Be secure enough about your candidate and your message to say you are not afraid of openning the debate to all voices that desire to be heard. I don't recall ever hearing the Republicans complain that Buchanan or Libertarians or Pat Robertson was stealing their votes! To Kerry and the Democratic leadership... STOP BEING WIMPS and put up or shut up!

Friday, February 20, 2004

Dean is done

Damn. Once again, the Dems best candidate, Howard Dean falls victim to the candy-ass democrats that shun their liberal convictions for a middle of the road, seemingly more 'electable' candidate like John Kerry. At least, we can give Dean credit for changing the tone of the presidential debate. If it were not for Dean's rants, calling the Pres to task on WMD's and the war in Iraq, and showing that you can be MAD AS HELL at this administration, and still raise money and become the frontrunner... Kerry and Edwards would still be tiptoeing around the issues and trying to appeal to the center.

Kerry still will have to reconcile his voting record with his rhetoric. He states he is pro-union and anti-NAFTA, yet voted for NAFTA. He says we should not have gone into Iraq, yet voted for the war. He is against 'No Child Left Behind', yet voted for it. He says he is for Election Reform, yet has taken more money from special interest groups than anyone in congress.

Well, Dean may be out of the race, but the election is still a ways off. Who knows what may happen between now and the Democratic Convention. Oh yeah... that endorsement from Al Gore really helped Dean! And, damn, the media sure had a field day with that scream speach. Incredible how one little pep-rally can be turned around into a public relations disaster when the media smells a little blood.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Biggest trade since the Babe?

This is getting rediculous! Can the Yankees be allowed to buy up all of the best talent in baseball? Look at this team! Except for the 2nd base slot, this team is an entire all-star squad. Next they are going to get Barry Bonds, for Christ sakes. Ya got Posada, Giambi, Jeter, ARod, Matsui, Williams, Sheffield, Lofton. YIKES. No other team can stand a chance. This is NOT good for baseball, IMHO.

Hey... first baseball post of the season! Spring must be near.

Monday, February 09, 2004

The Grammy Awards - Back to the Future

Woa! Grammy Awards were actually watchable this year! Things are looking up in the music biz. Didn't see much Hip-Hop. Not much baggy pants, crotch grabbin', foul talkin', ghetto gestures, bling-bling, floppy crooked hat wearin', gangsta, simulated sex on stage. What we saw was some great hard rockin', funkified, R&B, psychedelic, talented singers and musicians... just like the old days! I heard some real creative acts like Outkast and White Stripes, Black Eyed Peas, and more.

Wasn't all good though. Who's idea was it to pair up jazz great Chick Corea with Foo Fighters? Both can play, but not on the same stage, please. And that Suit from the RIAA talking about downloading. Really, give it up. Just put out a good alternative, at a REASONABLE PRICE (much less than $.99/song), and illegal downloads will go away. Meanwhile, stop whining about it. You just piss off the kids.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

See George Squirm

On Meet the Press this morning, we got to see President Bush really squirm... as well he should. The truth is about to be revealed like Janet Jackson's... well you get the picture. There were no WMD's, there was no imminent threat, Iraq was not the source of 9/11 terrorists. UN sanctions and weapon inspections were working. Saddam did not even have the fire power to launch a single ground to air missile against our planes, let alone launch chemical or nuclear weapons against its neighbors or the US forces. Bush was determined to go to war, for his own reasons (US expansion, oil, revenge?), and would say and do anything to get his way, including invent evidence of WMD's. The tragic cost is hundreds of US deaths, thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians deaths, destruction of cities, property, etc. Is the world safer because of our actions in Iraq? I see US interests under attack, more suicide bombings, terror alerts increasing, commercial flights grounded, and the World's distrust of America's intentions.

Democratic Party Nomination Process
Why is the press and the Dems trying to treat this process as if it were all over? Only a small handful of states have had their caucuses and primaries! Don't we all get to have our votes count? I am standing firm in the Howard Dean camp. The Dems best chance for real change is to have a political outsider, a maverick, run and beat George Bush. Kerry voted for this War. Kerry voted for the Patriot Act and he voted for Bush programs like No Child Left Behind. Dean stood against all these policies when others were politically afraid to do so. We need and Anti-Politician nominee. One who does not have a history of being beholden to special interests. One that can garner the support and raise money from the grass roots. Come'on... Lets keep the debate alive. For once, I see a great field of candidates. This thing can't be over till the fat lady sings at the Democratic Convention!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dude Where's My Country?

Just finished an incredible book by Michael Moore. A surprising expose about what Dubya has done to this country, and why Regime Change in Washington must happen. The book details the WMD lies, fear mongering, and usurping of civil rights that have been written about here and elsewhere. The book also has chapters on the following subjects:

• Bush's close family ties with Saudi Prince Bandar and other Saudi's in high places. These connections and Saudi oil money has enabled Saudi Arabia to gain influence and favor from this Administration despite many years supporting terrorst organizations and activities worldwide. In fact James Baker (close Bush family friend, ex-Secretary of State, and council to GWB during Florida recounts) is now defending the Saudi Government in a law suit filed by the families of 9/11 victims!
• In the days following 9/11, the FBI went to extrordinary measures to assist the Bin Laden family in fleeing the country, even though they may have had valuable information that could lead to Osama and other Al Qaeda operatives.
• Democrats are wimps. We have been afraid to speak out in an environment where questioning the governments actions is treated as unpatriotic. We have been consumed with political correctness which detracts from effectively communicating our message.
• An entire chapter on how to win over that mis-informed right-wing conservative brother-in-law!

... and much much more. Required reading for all Americans.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Wardrobe Malfunction?

As for last nights Superbowl... a great game but...anyone who believes that this was a wardrobe malfunction should get their head examined. This thing was definitely planned and choreographed. These pop-superstars have no limits when it comes to self promotion. Between that and all the erectile dysfunction ads, it was pretty bad to watch the Super-Bowl in a room full of kids. When will the madness end... when will the entertainers, marketers and the media learn to exercise some self-control.

And to think that CBS refused to air this political ad by protesting Bush's deficit spending because they felt it was too controversial... WTF??