Friday, December 17, 2004

Merry Christmas?

All I can say is Bah-Humbug. Really, I am totally not in the mood this holiday. Not a christian, hate shopping, don't want to give nor receive anything. I am completely turned off by the glutony of upscale shoping malls and advertising and gift catalogs that we are bombarded with this time of year. I'm on edge because it seems that so many areas of my life are uncertain and unsettled. Prospects of Peace on Earth or Goodwill are dim. So, please allow me to opt out.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rant: Automombile Hell

Yep! Been going through Automobile Hell lately. One little annoying noise results in taking my car in for repair no less than 6 freakin' times. Damn that Bolles Motors. You know the story. One little problem grows into another and another... and I am still not done.

To make matters worse, just as I am dropping off the car, and calling the wife on the cell, she gets a flat tire in some remote industrial area a few towns away in the dark of night. She has to wait in the car for a couple hours till daughter can pick me up and take me to her car to change the tire. Thank god for cell phones. I can't imagine how we could have communicated and made all the logistical arrangements without it. A bitch of a night to be sure.