Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ralph Nader to run for president

Now this makes things interesting. This is supposed to be a Democracy, not a country run by the duopoly that is the American political system. Not a country run by two parties, both funded, and in the pockets of the same corporate interests. Nader's voice in the debate can only be good for the country. Let's bring into the debate a voice for REAL election reform. Let's bring into the debate the issue of a bloated pentagon budget. Let's bring into the debate the issue of Corporate welfare. I am not saying I will vote Nader at this point in time... but let us begin to put a third party, a political outsider, an anti-politician into the equation. It can only be healthy for our political system.

I say to the Democrats... stop whining about Nader being a spoiler. The Dems have been wimps for too long. Put up a candidate that can attract the disenchanted, that can have the same kind of passion and conviction that we have seen with Dean and Nader. Don't nominate another tired old mainstream Politician, propped up by corporate contributitors. Don't nominate a candidate that has a voting record contrary to the issues that he is now campaigning on.

Democrats should welcome Nader into the debate. Be secure enough about your candidate and your message to say you are not afraid of openning the debate to all voices that desire to be heard. I don't recall ever hearing the Republicans complain that Buchanan or Libertarians or Pat Robertson was stealing their votes! To Kerry and the Democratic leadership... STOP BEING WIMPS and put up or shut up!

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