Saturday, June 27, 2015

The President's Amazing Eulogy

The media seemed to focus solely on the two minutes of the President breaking into song. The real message is in the other 35 minutes of this extraordinary speech. While I may not subscribe to the religious overtones that frame this eulogy, the message of racism, gun violence and how we need to come together in the face of such tragedies is inspiring. Take the time to listen to this eulogy in its entirety. It is time well spent. 

Despite all the haters, the deniers, the bigots and obstructionists that make up conservative America; despite all those that wish to destroy this presidency even if it puts our Nation at risk, President Obama will truly go down in history as a great moral leader for our country.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nothing will change

Nothing will change. We all know it. Racism is pervasive, even institutionalized. Conservatives will marginalize or deny the role of racism in our society. Republican presidential candidates will fall over each other to gain these red-necked racists votes. America's sick lust for guns and violence will continue. Politicians will cower to the NRA and it's supporters and shun legislation to control gun sales. Nothing will change. We all know it. I'm ashamed of my own country.