Sunday, July 23, 2006

Let us not delude ourselves...

The Bush administration must take on much of the blame for the current situation in the mid-east. The misrepresentation and deception that brought us into a military occupation in the region has only increased the mistrust and heightened the adversary relationship between the US and the Muslim world. This has resulted in more violence, more terrorism, and heightened aggression throughout the region that has spiraled out of control. Now it appears, god forbid, we are on the brink of world war. Should Syria and Iran engage their troops in this conflict, will the US be able to stand back and watch? Can the US effectively broker a diplomatic solution when it is reviled and distrusted throughout the Arab world? It is not easy to see any way that the situation can come to an end game without all out war. I hope and pray that I am wrong. (and it is not often you will here me use the word 'pray').

Perhaps Israel has done what the US should have done. Israel went directly after the terrorist organization that threatened their security. They did it swiftly and directly against those that threatened them. Contrast that to the US action in Iraq. If we had been sincere in our actions, we would have gone after the terrorist infrastructure in Saudi and Syria, rather than the deception and ulterior motives that led us to a war in Iraq.

Who Killed the Electric Car
GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! A great, great flick. One of the best documentaries I have seen. Quite different than the Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. While that was more or less a classroom lecture, Electric Car is an engaging look, not only into this important technology that was tragically squashed by corporate interests, but it is also a look into how government and commerce works. It shows the importance of government regulation in the protection of the environment AND the advancement of technology. When the government abdicates its responsibility and gives in to corporate bullying, citizens will suffer. The automakers realized that Electric Vehicles not only will cut into sales of expensive, profitable combustion engine cars (like SUV;s), it will devastate aftermarket industries for repairs parts, oil filters, mufflers, spark plugs, fueling stations.... A typical maintenance on an electric car is rotate the tires and top off the windshield washer fluid.

What made the movie great in my opinion was (unlike the Gore flick), this movie ended in such enthusiastic optimism. The technology exists and is improving with newer and better batteries. Gas prices are getting ridiculously higher, evidence of global warming is becoming evident. The growing success of hybrid vehicles has proven the demand is there. Given these conditions, and the human spirit to embrace new technology, the demand for Plug-In Electric cars is bound to grow, and some entrepreneur within or beyond the auto industry will step up and prevail. It just makes too much sense.