Saturday, August 31, 2002

I hate baseball. Yeah, ... right now, I hate the game, hate the players, hate the owners. Don't really care that a strike was averted... doesn't really matter. These selfish, egotistical babies have ruined the season for me. Right now, I hate the game. Ask me again next week...

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Dave's gone away to college. A big milestone in his life as he moves towards adulthood and independence. All the thoughts and images of my son's childhood and growing up come back at times like these.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Little League World Series. What a joy to watch. Tonite, the classic matchup... New York vrs. Massachussets. More specifically, Harlem v Worcester. Can't wait to watch. Sad, I would rather watch a game of 12 year olds than Major League Baseball. Considering what is going on with the NY Mets (10 game loosing streak), and strike talks, I'll gladly watch LL World Series.

Its been downright sickening to watch the Mets overpayed "Stars" play piss poor baseball (talkin' bout Mo, Mike, Roberto, Jeremy, Roger....). On top of that, the players are moaning about the owners taking away their opportunity to make more money with the proposed Luxury Tax on big market teams. OH COME ON!!! How greedy can these guys get!! With an average salary of 2.4 million, and stars making tens of millions... I just don't have any sympathy. As a result of this, us fans will most likely not have a finish to this season, maybe no playoffs and world series. Hundreds of ballpark vendors, office workers, ticket agents and parking attendents, small businesses, etc., will be out of work. Shame, shame shame.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Kids away doin' their own thing, so Wife and I get to have a little overnight getaway. Stayed at the Seaward Inn , Rockport Massachusetts. Perfect little mini-vaca. Really relaxed and enjoyed the scenery, lobsta, beaches. Ahhhh!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

There is a new Apple Power Mac G4 in the family! Always cause for celebration... yes, I am a certified geek. The day it was announced Dave ran down to the Apple store and picked it up (courtesy of insurance claim from damaging thunderstorm). Awesome Machine! With that comes something for me... Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2). Disks with new Mac used to upgrade my iBook. Cool - I get to upgrade 10 days before the official release.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Another weekend, another Softball Tournament. This time came home without trophy. That's OK, cause it was a great tournament, and the girls played exceptionally well. We made it to the semifinal round, but got smitten in extra-innings in a great close game. Venon U-16 team had a record of only 2 wins and 8 losses in the regular season, yet made it to the final four in the tournament. Go Vernon Girls Softball. We are proud of ya.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Woa! Won free tix to a Yellowjackets concert. Put my name in for a drawing at the Jazz Fest... and won! I never win stuff! A pair of $45 VIP 6th row seats... hot damn! Love this group, too!
I do lust for an iPod.

Monday, August 05, 2002

I had a great time this weekend relaxing in the hot sun and watching Rachel's softball tournament for girls 14 and under. It was all day Sat and Sun - 6 games in 2 days in the 90 degree summer heat. Maybe that doesn't sound like fun... but to me, it doesn't get any better. Something about girls softball... these kids had so much fun, good competition, and they really came together as a team. They just struck that perfect balance between being competitive, and having a good time. It was an absolute JOY to watch this event all weekend long. Vernon U-14 Girls won the championship, and my girl Rach won the throwing competition to boot!

Oh yeah... we get to do this all over again next weekend for the Girls 16 and under league. yipee! Pics here.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Got this email today from *Robyn*... just somebody surfin the Web that came across my page... "Dropped by unexpectedly while looking for a link to the Litchfield Jazz fest.  Cute page......looks like a nice family and happy life you have.  Congratulations.  What more could you want?" Damn straight. Sometimes it takes a total stranger to make you realize how lucky you are. That note gave me a nice little pick me up for the day! Thanks, Robyn!