Thursday, February 28, 2002

Looking back at some of my old posts, and realized that I have been doing this blogger thing for over 1 year now. Started it up in Feb 2001. Incredible! Where has the year gone.

Spring Training games begin today! Should be a good year for the NY Mets. Started up my MJBL fantasy baseball league. Probably will need some teams to fill out the league. Interested? Let me know (gotta be local to attend the draft).

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Since so many hits to this site are from people searching for calculating weight watcher points... here it is again. From the US Patent office web site Patent number 6,040,531.

p = (c/50) + (f/12) - (r/5)
p=points, c=calories, f=fat grams, r=fiber grams (max. of 4 fiber grams)

Friday, February 22, 2002

Today, I went to Seybold Exposition in NYC, with David. Seybold was once the premier electronic prepress and publishing trade show. This show was a mere shadow of what it has been in the past. Whats up with that? Usually every powerhouse in Electronic publishing showed off there warez with huge glitzy booths. Adobe, Apple, Agfa, Macromedia, Quark, Scitex, Linotype, Kodak, Xerox, etc. etc have always exhibited. This year, only one company, Adobe, had any significant presence. I have seen better turnouts for baseball card expos at the Elks Club in Rockville! Is this another nail in the coffin for our entire industry? Is it just the state of the economy at present? I recall at the keynote of last years expo, one of the Industry leaders stated that there is no more Venture Capital being invested in printing technologies. All this money is now being used to finance Internet based publshing and e-Commerce, and that will be the end of innovation in the traditional Printing technology. Maybe what I saw today is the end result of that premonition. I'll tell ya, it was a real shocker.

Best part of the day was drivin' home with Dave, pumpin up the jams on his mega sub woofer thumpin boomin bass stereo system recently installed in the Jeep. Man, that electronica... Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers. Awsome tunes. Gotta get those loaded up on my MP3 player.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Last night, excercycle busted for good. I had been using it nearly everyday. Now what do I do? Too cold to jog or bike ride, and those fitness centers are too damn expensive. Maybe one of those excersize tapes? Tae Bo anyone?
Uggg! Feel like hell today. Damn cold and fever plagued me all weekend. Just trying to survive the day at work. Thank god for Sudafed and Nyquil.

Saturday, February 16, 2002

BTW, that other situation just gets worse and worse. Somehow I need to turn this around. Not sure exactly how yet... but beleive me, I am working on it. - nuff said here.
Woke up way too early this AM. Hopped on the GOAD Message Boards. One of my favorite things to do these days. Nice group of folks.

Just hung out around the house. Bought the DVD Contact. One of my all time fav sci fi flicks. Its so well done. Opening sequence is amazing. Story centers around the conflict of Science v Religion, Fact v Faith. It all gets turned around in the end with the scientist relying on *faith* in the end. Great Flick... even better book (by Carl Sagan). Too bad they didn't add more content to the DVD (like SETI information).

Saturday, February 09, 2002

Yipee! Went to the 7 AM WW meeting, and MADE MY GOAL! I've been starving myself for the last two weeks to shed those last 6 lbs, and pumpin it up on the exer-bike... and it worked. I can stop driving the family crazy with my diet, and relax a little. Sure feels great. I'm gonna love those extra 4 points I can add to my point range! Oh Happy Day! Total weight loss - 34 lbs. Now I hope to be a little less focused on this WW thing and get back to a Normal Life (but still keep On Program). There is another segment of my life that needs to be straightened out... and life will be good. One other thing. Dave got accepted to college. Right now, its his fall back school, but its a relief to know he's got this in his back pocket for now.

Monday, February 04, 2002

Nice weekend. Took a nice long power-walk on the trails near the house. Its the farthest I've gone on this trail. Gorgeous cliffs, evergreens, streams and lakes. We are really lucky to have this here in Vernon. Loaded up the MP3 player with some old Buddy Rich and Art Blakely tunes from 50s-60s. Man, this music is timeless. Rich plays those drums so lyrically. He's got to be the best drummer of all time. He solo's on the drums like Sony Rollins solos on the sax. Incredible. Finished up the weekend watching the Superbowl. Great game. Watched 1st half with buddy Gordon. Don't like either team. NE and owner Kraft used and abused Hartford a couple of years ago, but I guess its nice to see the underdog win. Not a good year for those Superbowl commercials that everyone gets psyched for. They were pretty much ho-hum.