Friday, February 20, 2004

Dean is done

Damn. Once again, the Dems best candidate, Howard Dean falls victim to the candy-ass democrats that shun their liberal convictions for a middle of the road, seemingly more 'electable' candidate like John Kerry. At least, we can give Dean credit for changing the tone of the presidential debate. If it were not for Dean's rants, calling the Pres to task on WMD's and the war in Iraq, and showing that you can be MAD AS HELL at this administration, and still raise money and become the frontrunner... Kerry and Edwards would still be tiptoeing around the issues and trying to appeal to the center.

Kerry still will have to reconcile his voting record with his rhetoric. He states he is pro-union and anti-NAFTA, yet voted for NAFTA. He says we should not have gone into Iraq, yet voted for the war. He is against 'No Child Left Behind', yet voted for it. He says he is for Election Reform, yet has taken more money from special interest groups than anyone in congress.

Well, Dean may be out of the race, but the election is still a ways off. Who knows what may happen between now and the Democratic Convention. Oh yeah... that endorsement from Al Gore really helped Dean! And, damn, the media sure had a field day with that scream speach. Incredible how one little pep-rally can be turned around into a public relations disaster when the media smells a little blood.

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