Thursday, January 11, 2007

WTF, George Bush?

Didn't we just get through an election that was considered to be a referendum on the Iraq war; one that resulted in an overwhelming defeat for Republicans and a repudiation of the war in Iraq? Doesn't every poll show that this country is no longer behind the continuation of this war? Didn't this President form a bi-partisan committee on Iraq, that put forth recommendations to begin a timetable of troop withdrawal and transfer of responsibilities to the Iraqi army? Has not the last three years proven that our military occupation of Iraq has had the exact opposite effect of what was intended? This colossal miscalculation has resulted in more terror, more torture, more killing, more violence and lawlessness, more hatred of the US, more destabilization in the region, than before we overthrew Saddam Hussein. In fact, it would be difficult to refute the notion that this war is an illegal action, justified by misrepresentations about weapons of mass destruction and trumped up charges that Iraq was an imminent threat to the US.

So what is the justification for escalating this conflict by adding another 20,000 US troops. Mark my words; we are only headed for the slippery slope of more casualties, more destabilization, greater terrorist activity, more hatred and distrust of US policy. Hearing the term escalation reminds me all too much of Vietnam, and that is very disturbing. 20,000 troops is just enough to escalate the violence, and most likely not enough to squelch the insurgency. That would probably take 200,000 troops, and without a draft, and without a just cause, that simply won't happen.

George, what gives you the right to take this action? It is so clearly contrary to the will of the US people, your own bi-partisan advisory committee, and our newly elected representatives in Congress. The Bush oligarchy has reached new heights of incompetency and arrogance. Democracy has been stomped on, smothered, and stifled by none other than our own King George for the last 6 years, and this troop surge is the latest and greatest example. It is a sad day for America.

Damn, I really wanted to blog about the Apple iPhone... that will have to wait for another day.