Sunday, November 12, 2006

After the elections

Well, the elections are over, and it is a coup for the Democratic Party, as they essentially take over the legislative branch of government. I am pleased to see the Republicans being dealt a big blow, and the country is better off with this change in power. America spoke out, loud and clear that they were tired of the Republican administration's corruption, hypocracy and most of all this unjustified and mishandled war in Iraq.

The Dems are touting a 6 point plan as their agenda for the next two years. Its a great agenda that promotes ending the Republican culture of corruption and dishonesty, energy independence, affordable college education, fixing the prescription drug plan and retirement security. A great plan indeed. Now its time to see if the Dems can put words into action.

As for Lamont. Unfortunately he lost, but his candidacy helped to bring the anti-Iraq war movement into the forefront of American politics and the elections.