Friday, October 29, 2004

You CAN vote for Ralph Nader in 2004 (maybe...)

I am tiring of Dems and some liberals trashing Ralph Nader's candidacy. Let's face it, Kerry and the Dems have forsaken their liberal roots. Kerry would rather get that photo-op stomping around the woods in camouflage with a 12 gauge shotgun, than take a strong stand against the War in Iraq, or advocate Universal Health Care, or propose a livable minimum wage. The Dems would rather slander this great American activist's name, and subvert Nader's right to appear on ballots in all 50 states, than win over his supporters by promoting a liberal agenda for the Kerry presidency.

However, I do NOT want 4 more disastrous years of a George Bush administration. Yet there is a very good chance that this may happen. Our outdated and corruptible election system allows for the election of a president without a majority of the popular vote. The mathematics of the Electoral College may favor Bush if he is not defeated in a few key states. It finally struck me that there is indeed an answer to this dilemma. I found it in a petition that advocates Nader supporters to vote for Kerry "IN ALL SWING STATES". Therefore if you live in one of the 40 or so NON-Swing states, whether it is a Red or a Blue state, you are free to vote your conscience. This petition was signed by many of the great progressive minds of our time. Here in Connecticut, the polls show a 9-15 percent edge in Kerry's favor. Here, we have the luxury of voting our conscience.

A presidential election comes along only once every 4 years. I view this not only as the selection of a president, but a referendum for the policies and agenda for the next term. If you vote for John Kerry OR George Bush, you are voting for the following agenda:

• Continuation of a military occupation of Iraq
• Increased troop strength and military spending
• A health care system run by Insurance companies focused more on executive salaries and profits for the shareholders than the patients.
• No change in our system of Corporate funded elections resulting in 'Government by the Corporations, For the Corporations and for the benefit of the shareholders'.

If you feel strongly that you do not agree with these positions, I would urge you to vote for Ralph Nader, UNLESS you live in one of the Swing-States like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and about 10 others (you know who you are). In that case, I would urge you to vote against another George Bush presidency by voting for John Kerry.

If you live in a non-swing state, and you believe in reforming the two party system, restoring Democracy and moving the Democratic party towards one that values labor, world peace, the oppressed, and a progressive liberal agenda, than let your voice be heard. Vote for Ralph Nader.

(BTW, if your convictions are so strong that you feel in your heart that you must vote for Nader despite living in a swing state... I promise not to harass you for it. Vote your conscience.)

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