Monday, October 25, 2004

I wasn't going to vote for Nader...

... Until They Told Me I Couldn't

If Bush Wins, Blame Me

Excerpts from an article by DAVID VEST from Counterpunch. click on link to read entire article

I hate the Bush ads that make Kerry seem unpatriotic for even daring to oppose the incumbent. Bush and Cheney have consistently suggested that for Kerry to point out the obvious, that Iraq is a mess, somehow "hurts the troops." Even worse, he is "helping the terrorists," who are doing everything in their power to help Kerry win.

I thought these were the vilest political arguments, until I looked at the thrust of Kerry's argument against Nader. Kerry has done to Nader precisely what Bush tried to do to Kerry, suggesting that it is somehow unpatriotic of Ralph that he would even consider running for president when Kerry is running. He is "helping the Republicans," who are doing everything in their power to help Ralph run. He is on an "ego trip," he is "damaging his legacy," and a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.

The character attacks on Nader launched by the Kerry camp have been, if anything, even harsher than the Bush campaign's attacks on Kerry. Their anti-Nader "talking points" have successfully permeated political discourse, and not just on TV. I hear them coming out of the mouths of good people, folks who passionately love their country and who seem to have no idea they are helping to slander a good man who believes himself to be working on their behalf.

They have almost managed to convince me that it will be not only Ralph Nader's fault but mine as well if Bush wins. For all I know, they may be right.

Since it's all my fault, feel free to vote for Nader if you want to, the damage is already done.

It proves Ralph's point about how corrupt our two-party system is. (ed.- refering to Democrats efforts to deny Nader's name on state ballots)
(end of excerpt)

Ultimately, you should make your decision based on the issues. Ralph Nader's (RN) position versus John Kerry (JK):

RN: Set a six month timeline for the withdraw of troops from Iraq. Replace troops with International Peace-keepers from neutral countries to conduct free elections (not US sponsored elections to prop up a puppet regime).
JK: Increase troop strength, "Win the war"
RN: Decrease military spending
JK: Increase military spending
RN: Single-payer government sponsored health insurance, available to every citizen.
JK: Continue with current Corporate owned and operated health plans, but subsidize health insurance with tax dollars to those who cannot afford it.
RN: Promotes electoral reform, refuses Corporate and PAC money. Endorses Run-off Election voting.
JK: Has said little about election reform, accepts big contributions from Corporate and special interest groups (including money from the same sources that fund the Bush campaign).

I just heard a Nader interview. He closed by saying... (approx. quote), 'If you are not prepared to fight and lose, fight and lose, fight and lose... you will just lose, and your agenda will be lost forever.'

I guess I am back in the ranks of the undecided.

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