Thursday, January 22, 2004

Lies, lies, lies

Bush, in his State of the Union speech continues to lie and mislead the American people, in order to promote his right wing agenda, snuggle up to the religious right, and continue his imperialistic expansion of American interests in the Middle East. Unfortunately, most Americans will swallow this crap... hook, line and sinker. Do people forget last years State of the Union, where Bush lied about Iraqs purchasing of nuclear material from an African nation? Do people forget Colin Powell's lies to the UN by showing bogus satelite imagery of supposed stockpiles, research facilities and deployment capabilities of chemical weapons? Yet Bush continued to perpetuate the myth with misleading statements like, we have "identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities.". What crap! He continues to try to convince us that Sadam Hussein was a terrorist threat to the US, despite this administrations admission that their was no link between Iraq and Al Qida or 9/11. More crap!

If that is not enough, we had to listen to to Bush's plans to outlaw gay spousal rights, propose government funding of religious programs, extend the so-called Patriot Act (taking away civil rights), and extend tax cuts that benefit the rich and run up the deficits. This guy has got to go.

We will have to see if Howard Dean has completely blown his chances of coming up with the nomination by going ballistic after coming in third in Iowa. How many times did that have to be shown on TV? I still think that Dean is best suited to going toe-to-toe with Bush. I WANT to see an angry democrat. Hell, I am angry over what Bush has done to this country. I will be disapointed to see a man like Kerry get the nomination. He has voted for the war, for the so-called Patriot Act, and for additional $87 billion in Iraq... basically a play-it-safe middle-of-the-road Washington bred politician. Dean is still The Man in my book.

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