Saturday, January 10, 2004

Common Sense

Recommended reading - Common sense for a New Century. Finally, a Democrat that can bring back idealism to the party... and hopefully the Presidency. Howard Dean has what it takes to take this country back for the people. George Bush has sold out this country to the corporate elite, special interests and his cronies. Dean is able to communicate a strong populist message. He is willing to take chances, and not play the safe, centrist politics of Democrats of recent elections. I just listened to stump speeches on C-Span from several Democratic candidates. Dean distinguished himself heads and shoulders above the others, giving a strong, clear, liberal and passionate message. Take back the country from Cheney's Haliburton, the drug and insurance companies, the oil industry. Internationalize the Iraq situation and develop an exit strategy. Make the large corporations and those with the highest income pay their fair share of the tax burden. Dean is the man. Check out Howard Dean's website.

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