Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fight night at the GOP

(credit: NY Daily News)
C’mon CNN. I’ve never heard so many stupid metaphors, particularly boxing ones, for a Presidential debate. On CNN, Round 2. First is the undercard for those polling at less than 2% (aka the Kiddie Table). For the Main Event, who will throw the first punch at Donald Trump, known as the great counter-puncher? blah, blah, blah.

And the irresponsible media is just baiting these candidates. I am hearing over and over again that it is not so important to talk policy as it is to get in that one-liner. What people will remember is the big “Zinger”. (followed by clips of Reagan, “I’m paying for this microphone”; Bentson/Quayle “You’re no John Kennedy”; Mondale’s "where’s the beef”). 

It’s easy to blame the media, but the truth is Republicans brought this on themselves. The media is just egging them on. It’s good for the ratings. But let’s not ignore the fact that the "Trump Effect" is just a reflection of the bigots and haters that have taken over Conservatism and the Grand Old Party.

Listen, I’m not expecting an intellectual policy discussion from this band of morally deficient carnival hucksters. But, it’s disgusting that this is being marketed more like Wrestlemania than a serious debate intended to help Americans make an informed decision.

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