Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jazz and Beyond for your iPhone

If you dig my weekly podcast In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond and you dig your iPhone as well, I now have a mobile web app that you can install on your iPhone or other smartphone. Simply go to this mobile In the Groove site using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, and follow the instructions to add the icon for the web app to your home screen. See the screen shots below.


If you have an Android or other smartphone, you should still be able to link to the mobile site and add a  shortcut to your home screen.

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Jochen said...

Hi Ken,
remember me - I was the one complaining about your not including Gregory Porter in your Podcast. And then you made him a big part of one of your episodes. I promise I won't complain again!
I have a blog of my own - but it's in German. In the most recent post I write about my favourite podcasts and said "Thank you, Ken!" Hope more people listen to In the Groove.
Thanks and greetings from Germany,
Check out this post of mine: