Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

Today is election day and I encourage all to get out and vote no matter what your voting preference. In this election though, the vote is clear and the stakes are high. Romney supporters will say that Obama can not run on his record and must resort to petty disparaging of his opponent.

Well let's look at that record. Obama ended the Iraq war, and captured Bin Laden. Nearly all economic indicators show growth and recovery, 30+ months of job growth, unemployment rates are improving. Over the last few months housing starts are up and so are housing prices. Retail sales are up, a record high DJIA, and a rejuvenated Auto Industry. The economy has a long way to return to pre-Bush levels, but all indications are that we are in an accelerating recovery.

Obama has supported Women's health and pro choice policies, Romney has pledged to reverse them. Obama had the courage to come out in favor of Gay rights and marriage equality (the new Civil Rights). Romney has signed a pledge to tear apart Gay families by supporting the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

What does Romney/Ryan offer? Return to failed Bush economic policies that brought us into the depths of unemployment and recession, a pledge to appoint Supreme Court justices that oppose abortion rights and marriage equality for gay couples. Romney mocks Climate Change and will cut budgets for FEMA and leave the states to fend for themselves when natural disasters strike. His Fairy Tale tax plan with 20% rate cuts will either result in middle class tax increases or add trillions to the deficit.

Obama will move us forward toward economic recovery and social justice. Romney will turn back the clock with tried and failed economic policies. He will promote the social policies of the Tea Party and the evangelical right for whom he now owes a great deal of political capital.

The stakes are high and the choice is clear. Just GO VOTE.

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