Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now is the time...

to let the seeds of peace in the Middle East take root. It is not often that I find this administration 'getting it right', but listening to Condeleeza Rice express US policy regarding the Israel/Lebanon conflict, I am heartened to see us pursue an aggressive and balanced approach towards a cease fire. Thus far we have held fast to the primary objectives in agreeing to a cease fire. First and foremost, Hezbollah, clearly a terrorist organization, must be disarmed before a cease fire can be agreed to.

It is now up to Israel to make a move to halt the escalation of violence and killing. Why must Israel make such a move? Because Israel, as the western style democracy represents what is good and just. Israel says they do not wish harm to come to civilians. Israel holds the overwhelming military might to cause death and destruction, and with such power to destroy, comes the responsibility not to use it.

A severe blow has been given to Hezbollah, and a lesson has been taught to the Lebanese government. Israel has accomplished all they can by military means. Any further incursion into Lebanon, such as attacks on Beirut, or other densely populated areas, will not help the Israeli cause, but will only embolden its enemies (which includes Syria and Iran). Continued bombing by Israel, only intensifies that support, and encourages legions of misguided youth to join in Hezbollah's terrorist cause. The reality is that continued violence will only make it more difficult to disarm the terrorists.

Yes, the world owes Israel a debt of gratitude for killing Hezbollah terrorists and destroying their weapons. They have done what the US and other peace loving countries have been unable or unwilling to accomplish. This is why I say that it is in Israel's best interest at this juncture to begin to de-escalate its attacks in Lebanon, and use this draft resolution as a stepping stone to a cease fire and some measure of security for Israel.

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