Friday, September 24, 2004

Rather blather

What is all this crap about so-called RatherGate? The fact of the matter is, Rather's point was correct. Yeah, CBS F*ed up by using a document that likely had been forged (though not yet conclusively proven). But even the secretary that would have typed it admitted that such a document existed, and it accuratly reflects what occurred. Add this to missed National Guard meetings, physicals, flight training, etc., and it speaks volumes about this man's lack of character... especially in light of Kerry's honorable service during that time.

But, you know what? Its all bullshit. Just like the Swift-Boat crap. I am getting increasingly disgusted with the whole political scene. The central issue should be how this President has dragged us into the quagmire of Iraq. We are mistrusted around the world, have fomented terrorism where there was none before, and sacrificed many thousands of lives for a war justified by lies and misrepresentations.

Yet Kerry finds himself constantly on the defensive. What is wrong with this picture? Kerry should be attacking the President like a bull-dog, not backed in a corner trying to defend himself! God knows between Iraq, the economy, taxation policies, the environment, and social issues, there is plenty to attack on. Once again the Dems choose a candidate with no backbone. It sure makes Nader look like an alternative to consider. Maybe a decent showing by Nader could make the Dems wake up and take notice!

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