Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

This is a must see movie. The latest Documentary from filmmaker Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11 is a powerful anti-war movie and an indictment of the Bush presidency. Unfortunately, I am afraid that in most cases the theater will be filled with those that have similar anti-war anti-bush tendencies, so he will be preaching to the choir.

The film does a great job of showing Bush's close family ties with the Saudi's, and how the US government went to great lengths to protect the Saudi Royal family and even the Bin Laden family after the 9/11 disaster. It also shows how Bush, Cheeny and their cronies have a lot to gain ($$$) from this war.

Perhaps the most powerful images are those of the Iraq war. There is nothing quite like seeing bodies blown to pieces, innocent families searching through the rubble of thier destroyed homes looking for loved ones, and soldiers with their limbs amputed, to make you see the horror and recklessness of what we have gotten into. The movie follows a woman who is a flag-waving American and mother of veterans of the first Iraq war. At first she encourages her son to join the army, and then after her son's death is transformed into one that sees the utter uselessness of this war and becomes a strong critic of George W. Bush. She reads her son's last letter, where her son expresses what most soldiers must feel. In his letter, he states; Why are we here? The Iraqi people hate us and don't want us here. Rumsfeld should resign for the terrible job he has done. I don't think anyone could listen to this letter from this now dead soldier, and believe that this is where our young men and women should be dying and being wounded.

Of course Moore partakes of his usual shenanigans of making our revered leaders from the President to the Congress look laughable... but this is no laughing matter to be sure, and Michael Moore rightly gives the levity a back seat to the seriousness of his message. A great documentary.

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