Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The most terrible affliction

Alzheimers disease has hit home. If any affliction deserves the research funding to find a cure, this is the one. This disease touches us all. If not directly, than a family member or someone you care about. 1 in 10 over age 65, and nearly half of those over 85 have Alzheimers. I have read the symptoms, and sadly Mom mirrors those to a 'T'. It weighs heavy on my heart, and is a tremendous burden on Dad. Luckily, he was prepared and the living conditions are as good as can be expected for those in this situation. Dad, your children are here for you and Mom. You are not alone.

Though not likely to be a help for Mom, a cure needs to be found for the future. According to the American Journal of Public Health, finding a treatment that could delay the onset of Alzheimers disease by five years could reduce the number of individuals with the disease by nearly 50 percent.

I would urge everyone to learn as much as you can about Alzheimers. Learn what you can do to prevent or delay its onset, contribute to research for a treatment, and support those who are afflicted or those who are caring for a loved one with the disease.

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