Monday, May 13, 2002

Time to rant on the Catholic church, and the service we attended. At the mass for Bobby's funeral yesterday, the priest conducted his service with a complete lack of emotion. He delivered his prayers and sermon in a monotoned drone. There was no attempt to memorialize Bob, no gesture to console the family, no spiritual message relating to Bob's life or death (and there were many opportunities to do so). Just a dull verbatum reciting of biblical verses and prayers. The alter boys (one of which I consider a friend) went about their work in an emotionless robotic like trance, while the paritioners knealt on cue and marched single-file to the alter to receive communion like hypnotized cult members. It was all so uninspired and lacked any spirituality. It was just appauling.

Start with this as my impression of Catholisism... add to that what we have learned about Priest's passions for violating young boys... and, I can't for the life of me understand why Catholisism remains so popular! I guess they have just mastered the art of brain-washing the masses, generation after generation. I will probably burn in hell for eternity for such blasphemous statements. Forgive me.

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