Monday, February 04, 2002

Nice weekend. Took a nice long power-walk on the trails near the house. Its the farthest I've gone on this trail. Gorgeous cliffs, evergreens, streams and lakes. We are really lucky to have this here in Vernon. Loaded up the MP3 player with some old Buddy Rich and Art Blakely tunes from 50s-60s. Man, this music is timeless. Rich plays those drums so lyrically. He's got to be the best drummer of all time. He solo's on the drums like Sony Rollins solos on the sax. Incredible. Finished up the weekend watching the Superbowl. Great game. Watched 1st half with buddy Gordon. Don't like either team. NE and owner Kraft used and abused Hartford a couple of years ago, but I guess its nice to see the underdog win. Not a good year for those Superbowl commercials that everyone gets psyched for. They were pretty much ho-hum.

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