Friday, November 09, 2001

Laura's funeral was a trying, difficult day. The intensity of the grieving was as great as the intensity of the love and support we all gave each other. I think we have come out this difficult ordeal with a certain peace.

To bring us out of our sorrow, were the wonderful people that surounded Laura during her days before and after her illness. Pam, Sue, and Candy. Candy's eulogy was incredible. I learned so much about my sister that I did not know, through Candy's sharing of her loving experiences with Laura.

And Joanne. When Joanne walked into the room at the Funeral Home, she brought the same spark that Laura could bring. She reminded me so much of Laura; the smile, the caring, .... no wonder they were so close for so many years.

The question remains if we will ever forge a relationship with Laura's children. Alex is a dear energetic, care-free kid with so much life ahead of him . And Daniel... so much like Laura in so many ways.

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