Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Re: the shooting in Santee CA. -- Will we ever learn? This is a very disturbing incident especially since there was some discussions between this kid and at least a couple of people warning that he was to do something like this.

And why isn't there more discussion about his access to his father's gun and several dozen rounds of ammunition! When will they begin to hold parents accountable for allowing this to happen. God, I know that if you have a teenage son, there is only so much control you can have over his actions... but if you have a troubled child, AND a gun in the house... "DUH!!!" you have to take some extrordinary precautions. Why did this guy need a gun in his house anyway?

Also, there is far too much tolerence in our society for kids being cruel to other kids. As a somewhat small, scrawny, geeky kid growing up, I felt victimized by bullies, and picked on... so I know the depth of the "pain" one feels being in that situation. Those things are tolerated to much in schools and homes (boys will be boys). Combine that with the desensitizing of guns, violence and killing in movies television and gangsta videos, and you have a recipe for tragic incidents like this.

I am certainly not the first person to say these things. Whenever a tragedy like this occurs, we here it all over and over again. Yet nothing seems to change.

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