Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Finally received the Titanium Powerbook for work that was back ordered for a month. Ooooh is it sweet. 1 inch thick, light as a feather and a gorgeous huge wide screen for DVD movies. I had seen pictures in mags, but it has to be seen to be appreciated.

Got home from work to see a letter from RHS. Sons midterm grades have been tankin' big time. Really pissed. What do I do, make him quit work, scale back hours, take away computer... he has too many distractions, no organizational skills, no priority settings Nearly every teacher commented on him not doing his assigned work. I can clamp down on him, but he has to take some responsibility on his own, or things will never change. He is so fucking smart, his PSAT's were really up there, but he refuses to put in the effort in school. Frustrating. You just know that at some point in his life, he will realize what he must do... just hope he doesn't waste too much of his time getting there.

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