Monday, March 19, 2001

Another back to work monday... blah... Well the work day is over and now I am chillin at the 'puter, and relaxin with a drink and a good book. Started a new Sci-Fi thriller by AC Clarke called The Trigger. The premise seems pretty neat. Its about the development of technology that renders guns and other weapons harmless. I guess it will be a social-political thriller about how this Anti-weapon will be used or abused, and the fight to control it.

Claire has been reading three consecutive books on Viet Nam and Cambodia, and the violence and genocide that was going on there during the war and the Kamir Rouge (sp?) regime. It affected her deeply, and said she had a good cry today from reading it. She says the stories of these peoples struggle to survive is incredible. These were middle class educated people who were forced into an incredibly harsh and tragic existence.

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