Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Decided what action to take to address Son's grades, and discussed with Dave this morning. 1- He will cut back hours at work to only 1 evening during the week, and 1 weekend day. 2- No computer for 2 hours per night (I remove keyboard and mouse). 3. I want to see the work he has done each night. Its pretty lenient, but addresses the problem. The poor kid is under a lot of pressure. Working 4 days a week and having Yearbook, School newspaper, and homework duties is too much. When he is doing homework, he has AIM going in the background, is ripping CD's, and blasting his stereo... too many distractions.

Cutting back to 1 day of work, and removing those distractions should give him lots more time, and releve some of those pressures. He will still have some hours to make some $$, and will have his computer back after his homework is done for some "play" time.

Now... MY problem is I never follow through on these things. Its up to me to "keep with the program".

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