Sunday, March 18, 2001

Last night-- Claire went to Women's NCAA at UCONN. Huskies win by 70 points. Went out to dinner with David, nice meal, nice company (not often get to spend the evening with my Son, alone). Worked on taxes, looks like nice refund due to a big loss on a stock I sold.

AM -- woke up early to drive David to work, lox & bagels and Sunday paper!

Read an article on Daryl Strawberry. What a story, the guy has reached the highest of highs only to plunge to the lowly of lows. Damn. The guy reached Major League status at 19 yrs, dubbed the next Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron, proved he had the stuff to do it. Ruined his career with crack cocain addiction, developed colon cancer, lost his kidney, cancer spread to lymph nodes, continues to use drugs, now is under house arrest with ankle monitor ... basically, now has lost the will to live. Doesn't much care about getting cured or kicking his addiction. That's alot to happen to one guy during a short life span. Sad, sad story.

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