Sunday, July 22, 2001

Weekend recap
- Mom & Dad over for lunch (they look great - but tired).
- Bought a beautiful piece of furniture (more on that later).
- Dinner with Amy and Gordon. They are great friends. Good and generous people. Been our best friends for nearly 15 years. Sushi was great... and they picked up the check (thank U gift for coaching the kids in softball). We'll get 'em next time.
- Drove Rach to Providence College for BBall camp. Spoke with Carla Berube (one of our favorite UCONN players and ABL Blizzard too).
- Set up our new hutch (buffet), enclosing all our stereo equipment, CD's, and printer in the living room.
- Ripped a bunch of old Vinyl records to MP3. Need to retire my turntable and records. Weather Report, Shakti, Pat Methany are first to go.

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