Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Time to weigh in on the Chandra Levy matter. This IS a legitimate news story. Rep. Condit's affair with a 20 year old intern, while not illegal (in fact, now seems commonplace), is still not appropriate for a high ranking government official. That in itself, however is not newsworthy. What is... is the witholding of information from the police, and conspiring with his staff and others to withold and even lie to officials about his affair. What is amaizing to me is that other members of congress are not clamoring for his resignation or censure. Tom DeLey actually comes to his defense. That is despicable.

On the other hand, while this is a story worth reporting it is obviously being blown way out of proportion. FOXNews in particular is just playing this to no end... trying to make another OJ story out of this. Every news cast starts with an opening screen, VANISHED: CHANDRA LEVY, and sound track that has the feel of an afternoon soap opera. Now, they are playing up this incident where a Condit staffer spoke of Chandra's "one night stands". Its bad enough that a staffer made such accusations, but the manner in which Fox News has been exploiting this, makes them (Fox) just as guilty of being slime balls.

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