Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Testified in a hearing in front of the Dept. of Public Utilities. At issue, is AT&T's breach of contract, by not providing cable internet access to the Vernon, CT region. The point I tried to make is that AT&T has lied... they have acted in bad faith time and time again, and therefore should have the cable franchise revoked and given to another cable company. Only three people showed up to testify from the community, myself, a school teacher and someone from the Economic Development Committee. Not a great showing. I was not very happy with my own presentation... just couldn't hit my public speaking stride. Oh well. On the way home, I kept thinking... what in hell am I doing? There is world hunger, threat of nuclear war, an AIDS crisis... and I have chosen Broadband Internet access as my BIG ISSUE to make a stand on... What a geek!

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