Friday, July 27, 2001

Had a big discussion with friends at a bar last night about today's music. What I object to in much of hip-hop and punk is the glorification of gangsta-ism, pimpin', street violence, gay bashing, mysogeny, guns... etc. I understand that a lot of this is the expression of rebellion of today's youth. Music has been the platform for that for generations. BUT, how about rebellion for positive social change. Remember the songs of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, U2 and others? Unfortunately, the discussion got ugly, and one person made the accusation that he was being attacked thereby making himself the "victim", diverting the discussion away from the issue, and making it personal. Anyway, it was never meant as an attack against any individual at the table... only against the music makers.

Speaking of music - My mp3 player is way cool! Hopped to a couple of libraries to borrow CD's, rip em to mp3's, so I have plenty of tunes to load up on my player.

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