Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Scamper, no more

A painful and sad evening, last night. Sat down to dinner, when the doorbell rang. Our neighbor came to tell us she saw our cat get hit by a car. Searched around, and finally saw Scamper go under our deck in the backyard. It was dark, and at first couldn't see what his condition was. Through our basement window, we saw him curled up against the outside wall under the deck. He was barely moving, just lying there. After a while he looked completely motionless, I saw one last gasp for breath, than all life had left him. In the dark, I pulled the lattice work off the base of the deck, and slithered underneath to retrieve the lifeless body of our cat that had been with our family for 13 years. We put him in a box and brought him to the vet for cremation. Scamper was a great cat. He loved to snuggle up to you and stretch out on your lap, just begging to be petted and stroked.

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