Saturday, March 20, 2004

Best couple of weeks in Sports

Gotta admit - March Madness, is the best time in Sports. The Superbowl rarely lives up to the hype. Does anyone really care about hockey's Stanley Cup, or NBA Championship? Baseball's World Series is near and dear to my heart, but baseball ain't what it used to be. Something about college hoops and the NCAA Tournament. Face it, 99% of these kids will never see that NBA big money contract. They are in it for the glory of their school, the thrill of victory. They are playing with all their heart. One loss, and pack your bags. Everybody has that office pool going, so we all have something on the line to root for, and somewhere along the road to the final four, some underdog upsets a top rank team.

Of course being from Connecticut, we have our UCONN Huskies, 2nd seeds for both Men and Women, not to mention our man Mawty workin' out with the team. This years NCAA's are da bomb. GO HUSKIES!

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