Friday, September 28, 2001

Dave had a left over 10 gig hard drive that I wanted to put in my iMac to replace the measly 4 gig drive that came with my computer. The iMac has to be the worse case design ever made by Apple. It was unbelievable what needed to be done to get to that hard drive. I had to:
  • Pull the chasis out of the case
  • remove the processor from the motherboard
  • remove the entire motherboard from the chasis
  • unplug every wire from the motherboard to any other piece of hardware in the computer
  • dissasemble a side panel from the chasis
  • remove the cd-rom drive
  • remove the hard drive (finally)
As bad as that sounds... its 10 times worse. Everything on the iMac fits together so tightly its like a goddamn Chinese puzzle!

Halfway through the project Dave wants to bail out on me to go party with his buddys. I wanted him to hang with me for support... because I was sure I could not get the iMac back together in one piece. To prevent him from leaving... I stole his car keys!!! Ha!

Two hours later... everything was back together, and the sucker booted up on the first shot. I got my 10 gigs, Dave got his keys back and that's how I spent this lovely Friday evening.

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