Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I don't think that the magnitude of the WTC dissaster is being reported at this time. I could not sleep very well last night, thinking of the horror of 2 buildings, each 110 stories filled with people (maybe 50,000) imploding so quickly, with such force. Its hard to believe that the rate of survival could be very high. Over the next few days, we will experience the human tragedy and it will weigh heavy in our hearts. I listened to a hospital worker express surprise that only a few hundred patients have come into the hospital when they were expecting thousands. I think that statement foretells the fact that there are few survivors to be treated, and many many deaths. It is so foolish to build structures like the WTC (and there are many like that). Such concentrations of life in stuctures so vulnerable to terrorism, war, earthquake, fire, etc. Maybe we will learn from this. I think this is an event that will change things forever in many different ways.

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