Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Happen to tune in to see some of CNN Crossfire. It was Dr. Joycelyn Elders v. Rev. Falwell. Falwell actually blurted out "Dr. Elders, you are a NUT CASE". What an egotistical self centered, intollerent jerk this Falwell is. How presumptuous is this guy that he assumes that everyone must adopt HIS "Christian" values. We are not all Christians are we... and he does not have a monopoly on the interpretation of values!

Elders is a couragous women for speaking her mind. She says what most people feel... no holds barred (e.g. "Surveys indicate that 70% of men masturbate. The other 30% are lying"). Nice job Joycelyn. You are a breadth of fresh air. Shame on CNN for constantly cutting her off for stupid commercial breaks. Hope that wasn't intentional. Human sexuality is really a fascinating topic.

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