Friday, November 09, 2012

Post Election 2012 - An Affirmation

Thankfully, the election season of 2012 is over. Billions of dollars were spent. The country was at times bitterly divided. As American's we had our chance to go to the polls and participate in determining the future of our great country. The results have been tallied and we have Barack Obama as president and a Republican controlled House and a Democratic controlled Senate; just as we had for the last two years. I think it is more accurate to call this an Affirmation than a Transformation. However, it is a significant and profound Affirmation.

The country voted to Affirm the leadership of President Barack Obama and the ideals, values and policies he has promoted under his administration. By doing so, the country rejected the "vision" of Romney, Ryan and the Republican opposition.

Lets be real. The Republican party had a platform of divisiveness and hate. It was hate that was defeated on November 6th, and defeating hate is always a good thing.

Listen to the conservative media's spokespeople that supported Romney/Ryan. Have you listened to the voices of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or read the conservative blogosphere? They speak an obsessive, unrelenting and vicious hate filled rant against the President of the United States. There was rarely commentary about how Governor Romney would transform this country. There was not much about his 5 point plan that would reduce the deficit or create jobs and no answers to the problems facing this country. Just a singular vitriol hatred for the President.

Let's look at the Romney campaign. His stance was anti-women (oppose Fair Pay Act, right to choose abortion, guarantee of birth control in health plans). He was anti-immigration (self deportation, against the dream act). He was anti-gay (signed a pledge to uphold "Defense of Marriage Act", appoint Supreme Court Justices that will strike down gay marriage). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you can't attack such a large segment of our society and expect to get the support of the American people.

In one of Romney's only "authentic" moments of the entire campaign the country saw, from behind close doors, as he trashed 47% of American citizens as not taking personal responsibility for their lives, as not being worth his time or effort in this campaign. That is nothing but divisive, un-presidential and probably worthy of disqualifying Romney as a viable candidate. There are so many other examples of questionable campaign strategies, some steeped in racism, some in fear mongering, but I think I made my point.

On the other hand, Obama offered a vision of unity, diversity, equality and conviction. Just watching an Obama rally, one could see ethnic and racial diversity, college students, and basically a cross section of America. Watching a Romney/Ryan event looked like a Tea Party rally of middle aged angry white citizens who were more motivated by removing our first African American President than electing Governor Mitt Romney.

Towards the end of the campaign, many of the undecided saw an economy that is indeed recovering, and that recovery is happening at an accelerated pace. There has been 30+ months of job growth, decreasing unemployment, housing starts and prices are moving up, retail sales are increasing. Health care reform was enacted to cover all Americans. Through the disaster of storm Sandy, we saw Obama and FEMA come to the aid of our cities, and Republican Governors supporting Obama's efforts. These are all positive signs that had a sharp contrast to the oppositions message of fear, uncertainty and doubt. In the end this country made an AFFIRMATION to move this country forward with a vision of diversity, equality, justice and renewed determination to support Obama's leadership.

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