Saturday, November 17, 2012


A couple of days ago, Mitt Romney, speaking to his donors after the election blamed his loss on Obama "Gifting" minorities and young voters. Those gifts were, guaranteed and affordable health care (did Romney "gift" citizens of Massachusetts with RomneyCare while Governor?), amnesty for children of illegal immigrants (what crime did these latino children commit?), and government subsidized college loans (didn't Romney claim that he would be the Education President?). Romney's statements are a despicable display of divisiveness and perhaps bigotry. They are right in line with his 47% remarks that ultimately doomed his candidacy. These remarks show his complete lack of compassion to those in less fortunate circumstances. Moreover it demonstrates how "out of touch" Mitt Romney and many of the conservative media and blogosphere are.

What is the real reason Romney lost the election? It was his own incompetence as I pointed out in this blog post nearly two months before the election (quoting an excellent article from conservative David Brooks).

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