Monday, August 21, 2006

The Mid-East today

The situation looks even bleaker than before this war began. On August 6, I wrote in this blog:
Any further incursion into Lebanon, such as attacks on Beirut, or other densely populated areas, will not help the Israeli cause, but will only embolden its enemies (which includes Syria and Iran). Continued bombing by Israel, only intensifies that support, and encourages legions of misguided youth to join in Hezbollah's terrorist cause. The reality is that continued violence will only make it more difficult to disarm the terrorists.
It is sad to say, but my prediction was right on the mark. Now, not only does Hezbollah hold a heroic status throughout the Arab community, but has also gained political strength to the point where heads of state are lining up to sing their praises and extol their 'victory'. Prior to Israel's miscalculation, many of those same Arab aristocracy may have been willing to even help disarm Hezbollah. Now any hope that that will happen is remote indeed.

Meanwhile, the situation in Lebabnon, Iran, even Afghanistan are far scarier than Iraq. Even today, Iran put on display a defiant show of its military might, and proclaimed it will not give up its nuclear program. Still, we are wasting all our military capital in this senseless war. Yet, Bush refuses to concede to this unjustified and mistaken foreign policy. Question is, where does it all end.

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