Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dylan, the legend

Bob Dylan, a legend of Folk and Rock, a pioneer of the protest song, poet extraordinaire, founder of folk-rock music, truly a legend like Hendrix, Miles, Trane, Bach and Beethoven. So, even though I haven't liked anything the man has written or sung since 1975, I had to see him live in concert when my buddy Gordon offered up the tix. Man, it was a great concert and great party. Yeah, his 65 year old voice is old and raspy, but it's Bob Dylan not Andrea Bocelli! His band was tight and smokin' and Dylan played lots of old tunes. Standing out in the rain, hearing Dylan sing 'Like a Rolling Stone' sent chills down my spine. A great night.

In The Groove Podcast on iTunes

Finally, after several attempts, In The Groove, Jazz and Beyond has been listed in iTunes. The holy grail of podcasting directories... achieving podcast nirvana! Imagine, In the Groove is now distributed right along side NPR, CNN, KCRW and many other media sources. As you see I am pretty excited. Check it out AND SUBSCRIBE!

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