Saturday, October 16, 2004

John Kerry is the right choice

Till now, I have been one of those undecided voters. Of course the choice has not been Bush v. Kerry. That choice is clear. In four short years, G. W. Bush has done an incredible amount of damage to this country, both in foreign and domestic affairs. He has gotten us into an unjustifiable, senseless and costly war in Iraq. The majority of nations all over the world have turned against us. The economy and jobs situation is in shambles, and he has sold out the middle class time and time again, to the benefit of corporate interests and the wealthy. This administration has been a disaster.

For me, the choice has been between Nader or Kerry. My disdain for what the American political system has become has, in the past few elections, dominated my decision to support 3rd party candidates. Democrats are only slightly less guilty than Republicans for what has transpired in recent decades with Corporate welfare, the healthcare crisis, and even this war. None of this administrations calamities could have been possible without consenting votes from the Democrats in congress. Furthermore, IMHO, the Dems have failed to nominate a candidate that really distinguished himself as a moral leader and champion of the middle class working men and women and the oppressed.

Initially I was not impressed with the choice of Kerry for president. But the more I learn about this man, the more respect I have gained for him. The essence of his character is rooted in his experience in Vietnam, and the actions that he took to protest the war when he returned. Oddly, it seems that the evil Republicans have seized upon this very thing as his greatest weakness! However, I feel that he demonstrated extreme courage and moral conviction in risking his future by condemning (rightly so) America's involvement in that war. By urging an end to the war in Vietnam, Kerry helped to save many lives that would have been lost had we continued.

Those actions have convinced me that John Kerry will bring a swift end to the war in Iraq. I also believe that John Kerry's post Vietnam actions demonstrate that he is a man with strong moral convictions that will guide his decision making in the White House. I am also convinced that John Kerry will steer this country in a direction that will benefit the lives of average working men and women in this country. George Bush makes decisions that promote a conservative agenda that we have seen will benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

So, sorry Ralph, I very much dig what you stand for, and I would love to see a viable 3rd party that is not beholden to corporate interests... But this time, I think the Dems have picked an honorable and competent leader in John Kerry (and John Edwards), that will get us out of this military occupation of Iraq, and fight for the working men and women here at home.

Oh yeah... John Kerry IS a Mac user. see photo below

credit: Time Magazine photo by Diane Walker

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