Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The best month of the year

October is the best part of the year. Crisp cool air, gorgeous fall foliage, fresh apples... and of course, Baseball Playoffs and the World Series. Once again, the Boston Red Sox are trying to shake the ghost of Babe Ruth with an incredible series against those arrogant, $$deep-pocket$$, Yankees. It just doesn't get any better than last nights Red Sox win. This game had everything. Two critical plays overturned by the Umpires (a double changed to a Sox HR, and A-Rod slapping the ball out of the 1st basemen's glove turns a run into an out), gutsy pitching by the crippled Curt Schilling and to top it off, dozens of police in riot gear to protect the players from angry mobs in the stands!!! Sox scratch and claw their way back from a 3-0 game deficit to force the final 7th game. Just the way it should be when the Sox meet the Yanks in post-season.

Oh yeah, and there is that other great contest going on. Bush versus Kerry. That one could go into extra innings... just like in 2000. We can only hope that the Massachusetts team wins that one too. ;-)

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