Thursday, October 25, 2001

I have been thinking more about the War on Terrorism again. (Why am I doing this?). How can we possibly win this thing. From what I have been seeing and reading in the news, its an impossible situation.

First, all of the Muslim people in that part of the world hate our guts and want us out. The ruling parties in that part of the world, have been mostly silent in supporting us because they are afraid of uprisings from their own people for supporting the US. Fifteen of the twenty two hijackers were Saudi's... supposedly one of the moderate nations that is supposed to support us. So Saudi Arabia is obviously a nation that harbors terrorists! Then I hear that 15,000 Pakistani's (again a country that is supposed to be our ally in this struggle) are volunteering to help the Taliban! Thousands of Pakistani citizens are demonstrating each day against their governments role in helping the US ferret out terrorists in Afghanistan. The Pakistan government is trying to put an end this war quickly in order to save their own skins.

Secondly, the Taliban is controlling the all-important propaganda war. I read today that the Taliban has convinced the poor starving Afghani's that the Americans have tainted the Humanitarian Food Drops with poison to kill the Afghani people, and these people actually believe it. How ass backward is that... we are getting hit with Anthrax, likely from mid east terrorists, and they are convinced that America is poisoning food for the relief of Afghani starvation. That is how effective these Muslim leaders have brainwashed their own people in order to keep control.

Other accounts that I have read, are convincing me that these people do not want to be freed from a Muslim Fundamentalist society. They feel that it is the US that is the infidels... the Evil Dooers!!! Its a culture gap, so wide that it is inconcievable to us.

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