Tuesday, October 09, 2001

I am not usually one to applaud military action under most circumstances, but in this case, I feel good about how the US is conducting itself in Afghanastan. The Taliban government which not only harbors, but encourages terrorist acts is evil by any civilized standards. America must remained focused on:

1. Surgically dismantle the Taliban regime, while avoiding civilian casualties.
2. Disarm the notion that this is a war against muslims by keeping up the humanitarian aid, and conducting an information campagn with leaflets and radio broadcasts.
3. Finally go into Afghanastan and take out the terrorists.

It sure would help the cause if just one of the Muslim countries came out publicly and enthusiastically for the war on these terrorist groups.

Now, must we be concerned about a terrorist release of Anthrax? Just what we need... one more anxiety producing event that the media just loves to hype beyond all reason. Oye!

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