Sunday, June 17, 2001

Its been a full weekend. On friday night, I went to Mets Yankees game with three buddies from work. Great game, great fun, but Mets lost 5-4 on a stupid base running play in the 8th inning by Mikey that would have tied the game. Man, I am beginning to hate those Damn Yankees. Anyway, Shea Stadium was packed, and the house was rockin'. On the way to NYC though, I hit a log that was laying in the road, and blew a tire. That was a bummer, but the rest of the night was a blast.

Got home at 2AM, and woke up a few hours later to take off for a 6.5 hour drive to Rachacha for the wedding of one of my nephews. I really hate weddings. I think bridesmaids outfits look stupid, as do their buffant hairdos. I hate the shlock Karen Carpenter and Kenny G music they play. I'm tired of the bride and groom cutting the cake and smashing it in each others face. I don't appreciate everyone telling us to dance when I don't feel like it. Then, you always have that one pissed off relative that doesn't like the seating arrangement. I just don't like these affairs. I guess I am just a social dweeb... I am glad everyone else enjoys themselves, though! ;-)

Writing this blog while driving home. Between NYC and Rochester trips, I will have logged twenty hours in the car this weekend (though C and D did almost all the driving). Oh, yeah... its Fathers day... happy, happy!

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