Monday, September 22, 2008

Live music

Lots of live music lately. I want to start journaling these as to not forget them... in my old age.

Wed, Sep 10
Chris Potter (ts) w/Adam Rogers g, Craig Taborn ep, Nate Smith d - CP Underground. No bass. Regatta bar Boston

Fri Sep 19
Insight featuring Zaccai (p) and Luques (b) Curtis. Also Jovan Alexander ts. at Htfd Polish home.

Sun Sep 21
Dave Holland (b) Sextet with Antonio Hart as, Robin Eubanks tb, Eric Harland d, Alex Sipiagin tp, Steve Nelson vb

1 comment:

postymcposterton said...

I haven't seen Dave Holland (yet), but I hope to sometime soon...

Chris Potter's group is rad, though. Nate Smith blew my mind when I saw them in 2007... I need to pick up that Red Line recording of theirs sometime soon...